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Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include 10 kva single phase servo voltage stabilizer in gurgaon, air cooled servo voltage stabilizer, best servo voltage stabilizer, 500 kva servo voltage stabilizer and three phase oil cooled servo voltage stabilizer in mirzapur.

10 KVA Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer in Gurgaon

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Product Brochure
PhaseSingle Phase
Usage/ApplicationIndustrial ,Commercial & residential
Cooling TypeAir Cooled, Oil cooled, Dry Type
Input Voltage170 V-270 V
Output Voltage230V+-1%VAC
Control TypeMicro controller
Place Of OriginNew Delhi
Payment TermsCash on delivery, Online, Cheque or Cash
Shipping AvailableYes I Ship, Pick from my warehouse
WeightApprox. 40 kg
Dispatch TimeImmediate
Return AcceptedI don't accept returns
I Also ProvideCustomisation in product
TypeAir Cooled
Output CutoffAVAILABLE
Working Range160V-280V/230V+-1%
Maximum Spike Current35A
Transformer Coilcopper
TechnologyServolts Most Advanced Power Saving Servo Technology
Meter TypeDigital Panel
Correction Rate60V/Sec
Harmonic DistortionNill
Output WaveformSmooth Linear
Duty Cycle24X7X365 Continuous
Is It ISO CertifiedISO Certified
MaterialBest Raw Material as Per IS Standards for manufacturing of electrical items
Is It Over Volt ProtectionAvailable
Number Of Wheels4
Automatic ResetYes
Time DelayAvailable
Indicator TypeVoltage , Frequency & Current
Load Capacities10 KVA
Power Rating10 kVA
Suitable ForAny Purpose Load & Utilizations
Cabinet MaterialSheet
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

A 10 kVA servo voltage stabilizer is a device that regulates the voltage output to a specific range, typically between 228 and 232 volts. It uses a servo motor to control the voltage output, which ensures that the voltage remains stable and within a specific tolerance range. The stabilizer is typically used in industrial and commercial applications, such as factories and offices, to protect sensitive equipment from damage caused by voltage fluctuations. It can also be used in residential applications to protect appliances and electronics from voltage fluctuations. The 10 kVA rating indicates the maximum capacity of the stabilizer, which means it can handle loads up to 10 kilovolt-amperes.

ervolts is a family of well-qualified engineers and professionals with the best working ethics who assist you better with this process. We assure you the best of our services by 24*7/365 days On-line/time/site support.



Capacity_10 KVA


Input Voltage _170VAC-270VAC

Output Voltage _230VAC+-1%

Phase_1-Ph, 2 Wires

Frequency _50 Hz

Rate of Correction _ 60 Volts/ Sec

Cooling _ Air Cooled

Mode of Operation _ Automatic/Manual/Handle

Type of Cooling_Natural Air Cooling


Copper _Electrolytic Grade

Temperature Rise _55°C Above Ambient

Winding Temperature Rise _50°C 

Application _INDOOR TYPE

Output Accuracy_+/- 1% from No load to full load

Response Time _Instantaneous (miles)

Wave Form Distortion _Virtually Nil

Efficiency _more than 99%

Losses at No Load_ 0.12% of the total capacity

Losses at Full load_ 0.7% at full load


Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer

₹ 45000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Rated Capacity20 KVA
Load capacity20 KVA
Input Voltage250 - 460 V
PhaseThree Phase
Cooling TypeDry Type, Air Cooled
Input Voltage240V-470V
Manufactured Byservolts pvt ltd
Output Voltage415V_+1
Control TypeMicro controller
Place Of OriginNew Delhi India
Current Typeac
Frequency50 Hz
EfficiencyGreater than 98%
WarrantyOne Year
Speed Correction35 V/sec
MountingOn Wheels/Floor
Display TypeMicroprocessor based Digital Controlled Panels
Input FrequencyAS Per IEE Standard
Response TimeLess Than Ms
Driven TypeSERVOLTS/Toroidally wound Variable Auto Transformers for linear control & Greater Efficiency
Automation GradeAutomatic
Body MaterialAlloy
I Deal InNew Only
Excellent regulation as high as+-1%
Wave Form Distortionnill
System and Connection3 PHASE 4 Wire ac system
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Servolts Private Limited is a prominent manufacturer of servo voltage stabilizers in India. They offer a wide range of stabilizers, including the Servolts 400 KVA Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer, known for its excellent design and performance. Servolts takes pride in its ready stock availability of servo stabilizers up to 60 kVA and its PAN India distribution network.

The servo voltage stabilizers provided by Servolts are based on advanced power-saving technology and come with complimentary features such as buck-boost transformers and time delay relays built into each unit. These stabilizers serve as a safeguard against voltage fluctuations, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted power supply and providing peace of mind to the users.

Servolts offers fully automatic digital three-phase air-cooled/oil-cooled servo stabilizers with advanced power-saving technology. They incorporate buck-boost transformers, copper-wound variable auto transformers, motors, and time delay relays to protect devices from power failures.

Voltage fluctuations pose a serious threat to voltage-sensitive equipment, and it is crucial to address this issue promptly. Servolts aims to provide its customers with a reliable solution and ensure peace of mind against power-related problems.

The 400 KVA oil-cooled three-phase automatic unbalance type servo stabilizer is suitable for both balanced and unbalanced loads and supplies. It can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications, with the option to opt for a canopy for outdoor installations. The input voltage range is 350V-470V, and the output voltage is stabilized at 415V. The cooling mode is oil-cooled, and it operates on a three-phase, four-wire power supply.

Servolts' stabilizers have a voltage correction speed of up to 60 volts per second, making them highly efficient in responding to voltage fluctuations. They hold certifications such as ISO, RoHS, CE, MSME, and NSIC approval. These stabilizers are supplied to both government and private sectors.

The winding material used in Servolts stabilizers is copper, known for its excellent electrical conductivity. The warranty period for their stabilizers is 12 months from the dispatch date, and they offer best-in-class pre- and after-sales services.

In addition to servo voltage stabilizers, Servolts also manufactures other products such as servo stabilizers, servo controlled voltage stabilizers, servo controllers, variac-type stabilizers, dimmer-based stabilizers, etc. They are known for their branded, high-quality, 100% copper servo stabilizers in Faridabad. These stabilizers come with a 1-year on-site guarantee.

Servolts also offers oil-cooled servo voltage stabilizers from their manufacturing facility in Gurgaon. They provide a wide range of servo stabilizers in Delhi as well. Their product range includes stabilizers suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Servolts takes pride in stocking servo voltage stabilizers to meet customers' immediate requirements, ensuring timely deliveries. They are committed to ensuring total satisfaction for every client and project they undertake. With a team of qualified and experienced professionals, including electrical engineers, Servolts offers assistance at all stages of a project.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction has earned them a long list of contractors, electricians, engineers, and project owners as repeat customers.

Best Servo Voltage Stabilizer

₹ 155000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Rated Capacity100 KVA
PhaseThree Phase
Cooling TypeOil cooled
Current Capacity400 A
Input Voltage300V_470V
Output Voltage415V
Mounting TypeFloor
Control TypeMicro controller
Place Of OriginNew Delhi
Payment TermsOnline, Cheque or Cash, Cash on delivery
Weight500 kg
Current TypeAlternating Current
Shipping AvailablePick from my warehouse, Yes I Ship
Dispatch TimeImmediate
Frequency50 Hz
Return AcceptedI don't accept returns
I Also ProvideCustomisation in product
Warranty1 Year
Speed Correction60V/sec
TransformerCopper EI
MountingOn Wheels Floor
Display TypeDigital Display
Input Frequency50Hz+-6%
Response TimeMili sec
Automation GradeAutomatic
I Deal InNew Only
Is It ISO CertifiedISO Certified
Is It Over Volt ProtectionAvailable
Automatic ResetYes
Time Delayavailable
Resetting modeYes
LED IndicationYes
Stabiliser bypasson Demands
Service LocationPan India
Manufactured ByServolts Pvt Ltd
Coolingoil cool
Warranty (month)12
Waveform DistortionNill
DisplayDouble led display

Servolts Private Limited india's lagest servo Voltage Stabilizer manufaturers present servolts 100 KVA THREE PHASE SERVO VOLTAGE STABILIZER  best in design and performance.Servolts Private Limited strengths its Ready in Stock Availbility upto 60 kva servo and PAN India Distribution Network.

Servolts Private Limited provide you Servo Voltage Stabilizer from 5 Kva to 2500 kva based on Most Advanced Power Saving Technology with individuals Buck Boost Transformers and Time Delay Relay as complimentary in built in each units .
Servolts Servo Stabilizers are Guard against any fluctuations in Voltages due to High and Low Voltage/Over and under Voltage circumstances. We are ensuring you peace of mind.

Servolts Private limited provides you a fluctuations free constant Output Stabilizer which is called as Servo Voltage Stabilizer . The main application of Servo Stabilizer is to act as a guard against any low or high Voltage problems.

Servolts Provides you fully Automatic Digital Three Phase Air-cooled/Oil-cooled Servo Stabilizer with most advanced power saving technology along with Buck Boost transformers, Copper wounded Variable Auto Transformer , Motor and Time Delay Relay as complimentary inbuilt Device to protect your device against any power failure.

Voltage fluctuations are serious threat for Voltage sensitive equipment and hence it is mandatory to overcome this challenge as earliest possible. We at Servolts ensure you peace of mind against this problem.

100 KVA Oil-Cooled Three Phase Automatic Unbalance Type Servo Stabilizer Suitable for balance as well as unbalance load and supply.
Capacity_ 100 kva Suitable for Indoor as well as outdoor Applications for outdoor you must opt canopy and asked for it better to mention it in Written Purchase Order along with specifications,
Capacity= 100 KVA
Input Voltage _ 300V- 470V
Output Voltage _ 415V
Cooling Mode _ Oil- Cooled
Supply Phase _ 3- Phass 4 wire Power Supply Load Applications
Voltage Corrections Speed_ upto 60 Volt/Sec.
Certification_ Iso , Rohs,CE, MSME & NSIC approved.
Supplier _ Government & Private
Efficiency_ more than 99% Highly efficient products
Winding Material _ Copper 
Warranty_ 12 months from the dispatched
Services _ Best Pre & After sales services

Others name of products_ Servo Stabilizer , Servo Voltage Stabilizer , Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer, Stabilizer , Servo Controller , Servo Based Stabilizer , Variac Type Stabilizer , Variac Type Servo Stabilizer , Dimmer based Stabilizer, Dimmer type Servo Stabilizer.

Branded New 100% Copper Best Quality Servo Stabilizer in Faridabad

100% Copper with 1 year on-site guarantee servo voltage stabilizer.

Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer from Gurgaon.

Wide Range Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer from Delhi.

Oil Cooled Voltage Stabilizer

100 KVA Stabilizer for Machines - Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Voltage Stabilizers - 5 KVA - 2000 KVA @ Mfg Prices

Servolts is stocking servo voltage stabilizers to meet customers' immediate requirements.

Servolts extend the commitment for total satisfaction towards every client and project.

Servolts has a strength of Qualified, Experienced Professionals & Electrical Engineers for assisting in all stages of the project. 

Servolts has an endless list of Contractors, Electricians, Engineers & Project Owners as its repeat customers.

500 Kva Servo Voltage Stabilizer

₹ 515000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
PhaseThree Phase

Introducing the Servolts Pvt Ltd 500 KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer - the ultimate solution for stable and reliable power supply in industrial and commercial applications. With its cutting-edge technology and robust construction, this stabilizer offers unmatched voltage regulation, protecting your valuable equipment from damaging voltage fluctuations. Here's a comprehensive description of this exceptional product:
Voltage Regulation Excellence: The 500 KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer is engineered to deliver precise and accurate voltage regulation. With its servo motor control system, it continuously monitors the input voltage and makes immediate adjustments to maintain a stable output voltage. 
Wide Input Voltage Range: Our stabilizer is designed to handle a wide range of input voltage variations, effectively compensating for both high and low voltage fluctuations. It operates flawlessly within a voltage range of 340 V  to 470 V, providing a consistent power supply even in challenging electrical environments.
High Power Capacity: With a maximum load capacity of 500 kilovolt-amperes (KVA), our stabilizer is specifically built to handle large-scale power requirements. Whether you have heavy machinery, production lines, or critical industrial equipment, our stabilizer has the power to meet your demands.
Exceptional Accuracy: We understand the importance of precise voltage regulation in industrial settings. Our 500 KVA stabilizer guarantees an accuracy level of ±1% or better, ensuring a stable output voltage within the desired range. This high level of accuracy safeguards your equipment from voltage-related issues and maximizes operational efficiency.
Comprehensive Protection:
 The Servolts 500 KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer prioritizes the safety of your equipment. It features built-in protections against overload and short circuits, safeguarding your valuable assets from potential damage due to electrical anomalies.
User-Friendly LED Display: Equipped with an intuitive LED display panel, our stabilizer provides real-time monitoring of input and output voltages. This feature allows operators to keep a close eye on voltage levels and quickly identify any deviations or irregularities. The user-friendly interface ensures effortless operation and simplifies troubleshooting.

Reliable Performance: Our stabilizer is engineered for reliability and durability. Constructed with high-quality materials and components, it withstands the rigors of industrial environments and ensures uninterrupted operation. You can trust our stabilizer to deliver consistent and reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions.
Surge and Noise Suppression: Our stabilizer incorporates advanced filtering and surge suppression components, effectively minimizing electrical noise and protecting connected equipment from voltage spikes or transients. This feature ensures clean and stable power supply, reducing the risk of equipment malfunction or damage.
Trusted Brand and Customer Support: Servolts Pvt Ltd is a reputable brand known for delivering high-quality voltage stabilization solutions. We take pride in providing exceptional customer support, including installation assistance, technical guidance, and prompt after-sales service. You can rely on our expertise and commitment to ensure your complete satisfaction.
In conclusion, the Servolts Pvt Ltd 500 KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer is a state-of-the-art solution for stable and reliable power supply in industrial and commercial applications. With its advanced features, precision voltage regulation, and robust construction, it guarantees optimal performance, protects your valuable equipment, and enhances operational efficiency. Choose Servolts for unparalleled power stability and peace of mind.

Three Phase Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer in Mirzapur

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Product Brochure
PhaseThree Phase

Introducing the cutting-edge Servo Voltage Stabilizer by Servolts Pvt Ltd, your trusted partner in power quality solutions. Our premium servo voltage stabilizer is engineered to deliver stable and reliable power supply, protecting your valuable equipment and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
Designed to tackle voltage fluctuations, our servo stabilizer provides precise voltage regulation, correcting any variations in the input voltage and maintaining a steady output voltage within the desired range. It acts as a shield against the detrimental effects of voltage fluctuations, surges, sags, and other power disturbances that can cause irreversible damage to sensitive electronic devices.


  • Input Voltage _300-470V
  • Output Voltage _415Volts
  • Phase_3-Ph, 4 Wires
  • Frequency _50 Hz
  • Rate of Correction _ 40 V/S
  • Cooling _ Oil Cooled
  • Mode of Operation _ Automatic/Manual/Handle
  • Type of Cooling_ONAN
  • Copper _Electrolytic Grade
  • Temperature Rise _55°C Above Ambient
  • Winding Temperature Rise _50°C 
  • Application _Indoor/Outdoor
  • Transformer Oil _IS 335 making
  • Output Accuracy_+/- 1% from No load to full load
  • Response Time _Instantaneous (milisec)
  • Wave Form Distortion _Virtually Nil
  • Efficiency _more than 99%
  • Losses at No Load_ 0.12% of the total capacity
  • Losses at Full load_ 0.7% at full load

Key Features:

  • Advanced Servo Technology: Our stabilizer employs advanced servo technology, which dynamically adjusts the output voltage in real-time, ensuring a constant and accurate voltage supply.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: With a wide input voltage range, our stabilizer effectively handles high and low voltage scenarios, safeguarding your equipment from under-voltage and over-voltage conditions.
  • High Precision Voltage Regulation: Equipped with a highly precise voltage control mechanism, the stabilizer maintains the output voltage with minimal deviation, providing a stable power supply for your critical applications.
  • Fast Correction Speed: The servo motor in our stabilizer responds swiftly to voltage fluctuations, enabling rapid voltage correction and minimizing downtime, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of your operations.
  • Robust Build and Durability: Crafted using premium quality materials, our servo voltage stabilizer offers exceptional durability and long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.
  • Comprehensive Protection: The stabilizer incorporates comprehensive protection features such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, and high-temperature protection, ensuring optimal safety for both the equipment and the stabilizer itself.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive control panel and user-friendly interface make it easy to monitor and control the stabilizer, enabling seamless operation and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Medical and Healthcare Facilities
  • IT and Data Centers
  • Home Main Line Application
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Research Laboratories
  • Educational Institutions
Invest in the Servolts Pvt Ltd servo stabilizer to ensure consistent power quality, enhance equipment longevity, and safeguard your valuable investments. Trust our expertise in power solutions to provide you with reliable, efficient, and top-of-the-line voltage stabilization technology. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and let us tailor a solution that perfectly suits your needs.


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